Thursday, June 26, 2008

You're know you've lost your witness when the cameras are above you.

Above is a ruff, really ruff breakdown of Paul Newman losing the credibilty of his witness in 'The Verdict'.

I hope it's readable, but it's fairly straight foward. It's at shot eight, where the judge intervenes that Newman becomes the hunted (as it were). He's the smallest man in court, or basically by the use of the camera he's made to feel that way. At shot 14 he's finally beaten. Anyway I was just going thru it and thought I'd post. But I love the staging. It's probably not clear from my ruffs how well the dp/director use the background elements with perspective, the backgrounds are practically a character in themselves. The shots of the witness on his own in the dock use three point perspective brilliantly.

Hope it makes sense.

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