Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watched that James Stewart Tonight show clip again and did a few sketches.

Any audiobook/ radio play enthusiasts I bought the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo on itunes for 50 cent! (It's 50 something hours long!!!!!!!) Since reading the book, think it's thirteen or so years ago now, I haven't come across anything else that's come close to the pure page-turnability of it. I started listening to it on Friday and finished it last night. I'd recommend it to anyone.

On a side note this dude, Edward Ernest, left a comment on one of my recent posts. Really outstanding work.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Ruff Yuki Fanart

-quick update - my sister's new babbie was christened at the weekend so I never got around to get much done on the piece, but here it is so far. I was usin' illustrator cause I haven't done anything with the program in ages. Anyway, work work work. I'll hopefully get some time to finish it off shortly. Cheers for the comments.

Takin' a day off boardin tomorrow, sketched this after work today, apologies for the ruffitude of it. I'll replace the finished version if I get it finished tomorrow. Just hadn't posted in a while thought I'd throw something up to keep me interested. I'll send it on to the facebook fanart group when I'm finished. I got the special edition book, beautiful inspirational compilation to have around.