Monday, July 26, 2010

Seattle to San Diego sketches..

Dublin Airport before lift off..

Seattle Space Needle from a shaded cafe on a baking hot day...

Seattle art Museum (SAM) goers

Vancouver cool building

Vancouver Granville Bridge

Vancouver skyline

Portland, Oregon really quick one on lunchbreak from tour to Mount Hood

San Fran - Union square

San Fran - San Francisco Belle and Oakland bridge in background

San Fran view of buildings from the amtrak bus stop before train connection to LA

Santa Monica Pier

'Weed doctor' Venice Beach

San Diego Comic-Con, Convention Centre. The day before I went..

Carryin the gear home! - bought a golf club for the ol lad over there in case you're wondering!

I have pics in the sketchbook aswell during the comic con done by the legendary John Nevarez, Ed Ghertner, Stephen Silver, Joe Bluhm, Patrick Morgan, Louie Del Carmen, david colman, Jose Lopez, Dean Yeagle and I bought some really cool inspirational books. So fantastic trip and experience all round!

Laters anyways,