Friday, August 21, 2009

A couple of caricature gifts I did up recently.

This chick is ex-Stardust and now Dreamworks model artist extraordinaire Nadja Bonacina, whose birthday I missed on the facebook yoke, something I don't check often enough, though I don't have 'get into facebooking' at the top of my list of things to do! Strange caricature in fairness, when I was back in Berlin, 10 years ago now, caricatures of everyone were floatin' around the studio, and when I sat down to do this one 'The Swiss' hadn't really aged?!?!?!? Well for some! Ha ha!

The dude in the shades is the uber-talented Matt 'Tooninator' Boismier, who leaves comment after comment on the blog here, something I should be more dilligent about myself. Side note on this dude, his current facebook profile pic has him standing shoulder to shoulder with Glen Keane!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Above is some completely random fan-art inspired by District Nine. When you've seen it you'll know where I'm comin from, they're not good-lookin creatures at all. This is my version of a half-human half alien woman! (prawns as they're referred to in the movie! ...hence the giant prawn on her head...) Sorry if you enlarged it, it looks a lot better in a smaller format. It started out as a sketch of Mel B from the daily rag and ended up like this somehow!
Also head over to Colin Lorimer's blog for details on how to get a hold of his UXB comic. There's pencilwork and a couple of finished pages previewed on the blog, so well worth the visit.

Friday, August 14, 2009

From DunLaoghaire last Sunday with the sketchers. The sketch turned out muck, made a bollix of the sky. I was prickin around with it durin the week on the cintiq and I'm not goin any further with it. the digital work is a lot lot darker than what's posted, I had to prick around with the balance levels, should have started with a ref pic, still the sketch was so rough I couldn't make out half of what I'd drawn, probably wouldn't have made any difference.

I've really let this blog go over the summer, have to try to get back into it. I'm workin on a comicy thing in my own time, continuing on from the ruffs posted a coupl of weeks ago, and rather than just plough into it and start drawing I thought I'd just spend a month or so gettin character designs together that I'm comfortable drawing. Something not too complicated like, with simple shapes. Anyway, this would be the closest I've come to the female lead character. I had Marnie playing the other day and found the anti-heroine Lil (Diane Baker) a good study. There's one line in the original novel that sets her up as a sexual tease; temptress; provocateur type, and even though it's only a line that is discarded and laughed off fairly quickly, by the two lead characters, there's probably something to it, and there should probably be a touch of sauce about her. Anyway, there you go. I have loads more, mostly on post-its, I'll post them whenever they're presentable. Right now like everything else it's all a mess! Hope everyone visiting here is having a good summer.