Friday, October 23, 2009

Hair yesterday, gone today!

My sister got me the coolest birthday present, these goggles. They're bigger than the ones I had been using but now I get to see the used plasters and dirt at the bottom of the pool in widescreen. These will drive the women down in the sportsclub crrrrrraaaaaaaaaazyyy! I just know it! Anyhoo something different to distract from the bad art on the site! Oh and cheers to Garrett O Donoghue for puttin the pic below up on facebook. He still has hair, I've none. He's pickin his nose, I'm the sexbomb on the left. Centre of the pic is Maria Wessel (pronounced vessel). Ah hair, how I miss thee. I still remember the Vidal sassoon smell in the mornings after a shower. Now for some reason I smell like rubber! The pic was taken by some inhouse studio stalker in Filmkameratene in Oslo circa 1997 I think.

And one final pic I had in a drawer here, taken by the incomparable Chris Scully during a second stint in Oslo circa 2000. I should probably have realised the only solution was to shave it off at this stage! Ha ha. There you go, you turn 35 and the retrospection begins. I guess it's all downhill from hereon in! I'll tell you what though when I think back I was a real nob, it's only recently I've become uber-cool! Ha ha!! Oh and just to clarify none of the art behind me at this desk below is mine, I didn't work on the Iron Giant and the black and white image was a location design by the uber-talented Svein something or other, can't remember his surname. I did do the space caravan stuff behind the lightdesk for something or other. And the photo of the guy rowin the boat above the desk is my Ol' lad when he visited for a weekend and we travelled up to the Arctic circle to Moskenes (Google Earth it!) for a weekend and drank ourselves into oblivion! Yeah I was 26 then and he wouldn't let me row the boat! Ah I guess I was very weedy back then. Oh and we stayed in a cottage when we were there next door to the Kuntze family! Ha ha! Childish I know!

Normal art posting, the main aim of this blog I guess, will resume shortly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

prickin around on sketchbook pro again this evenin, good fun

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm boardin in photoshop at the moment and after work today had a prick around with some of the pencil brushes I downloaded from the internet. Don't blow it up, canvas is a bit too big, it's really messy, and I only spent an hour on it so it's as short on detail as it could be. Probably looks better if you just squint at it!
Got a comment there from a Romanian artist called Einah, his blog is worth the trip.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This was from the sketchers a couple of weeks ago. I just did a bit of prickin around with it in photoshop afterwards. The original was pencil and marker.