Thursday, February 22, 2007

Listenin to old BBC radio Sherlock Holmes dramatisations, still fantastic, even though I've listened to 'em a thousand times; great when you're boarding and havin' a tv or dvd playing is too distracting for work.

Found this drawin' a while ago. Drew it between scripts in Studio 352. A mate approached the BBC way back then and suggested animating an episode of one of the dramatisations, seeing as for animation purposes, the dialogue, effects and music tracks were already recorded. The dilemma they threw back at him was that animated shows are given twenty minute slots, whereas these were three quarters of an hour in length - so with production costs etc., it probably wouldn't have made sense. Still though, they beat the shit outta the twenty minute shows Gielgud/Richardson did in the fifties; and better still than the Rathbone/Bruce episodes recorded in the States in the forties. Maybe if they'd seen an animatic, it might've changed their minds, but seriously who has that kinda time? Drfinitely not myself - top it off I guess they'd make better sense just as live action, there's not much scope there for animation, animation-wise in the sense that they're not cartoons, they're more period pieces. Still though I'd've given my left arm to work on The Red-Headed League or one of them - I'd'a needed the right hand for drawin obviously!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Workin away on Twisted Tales Episode 8 - 'Anarchy in the Kingdom' - a lot cooler this time cause no pressure to get it done in a short couple of days, so enjoyin' the work much more for it, and sleeping well for a change.

Didn't find Art's Pink Panther cartoon. Here's a few roughs for somethin' or other when I was tryin' to come up with ideas for shots for whatever they were for.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Think I posted the coloured up one of this way back when I started the blog. It's a prototype for a kid's remote control transformer-robot type thing, that works in a radio controlled fashion of a way. I'd begun building it until I accidentally hooked the central motherboard with the wheel pump, and ended up with a robot with an inflated ego, and delusions of taking over Ireland. I nicknamed him Enda Kenny, but all he seems to be able to do talk through his arse. It's a start anyway!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fuckin' really seriously fuckin bored workin at home. End up talkin to yourself a lot, thinkin way too much, and the dog is stinkin out the room thanks to havin the radiator on. Another weekend of long workdays-nights to get this episode done for monday.

Took a break from boardin when I saw the milkman doin' the rounds, don't know what his story was or anything, but he looked a bit off, from what we've come to expect from the guy. Tony Waldron or somethin' his name is. Anyway here's a quick sketch of him...... think he could have a bout of the bird flu or somethin?!?!?!?!?!???