Friday, September 04, 2009

Ruff Yuki Fanart

-quick update - my sister's new babbie was christened at the weekend so I never got around to get much done on the piece, but here it is so far. I was usin' illustrator cause I haven't done anything with the program in ages. Anyway, work work work. I'll hopefully get some time to finish it off shortly. Cheers for the comments.

Takin' a day off boardin tomorrow, sketched this after work today, apologies for the ruffitude of it. I'll replace the finished version if I get it finished tomorrow. Just hadn't posted in a while thought I'd throw something up to keep me interested. I'll send it on to the facebook fanart group when I'm finished. I got the special edition book, beautiful inspirational compilation to have around.


Lubbert Das said...


Tel Coelho said...

That's good!!!

Will Appledorn said...

Yuki 7!!

Always nice to see art of everyones favorite 70's secret agent.

nice bit of fanart, cool concept

TAW Blog Admin said...

Terrific T, really atmospheric.Like how you've switched her gaze in the bottom panel downwards, it changes the vibe there altogether.

Moondog said...