Sunday, June 29, 2008

Had 'President's Men' playing while I was working earlier, brilliant flick. Love the sequence where Redford doodles on his pad while trying to get Howard Hunt on the phone for a comment. He ends up talking to a secretary in the Committee for Re-election offices and his hand, armed with pen, hovers over a freshly drawn picture of a bad-guy (Dick Tracy style). As the secretary, at the other end of the phone, informs him that Hunt was also a spy-novelist, Redford proceeds to draw sunglasses over his bad-guy face. Brilliant touch. That's only one nugget out of hundreds in that film. Pakula kicked ass on it. Anyway finished work around 10.30 and doodled this from an image on the net.


Fran Johnston said...

jayziz galvin you've been going a bit blog mad there. lovely stuff though. nice work!

galvinator said...


Lubbert Das said...

Brilliant movie. Nice sketch!

Great your doing the art gallery thing.