Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm workin through the weekend again, had the dvd player on in the background until the early hours of this morning and found a hidden gem, or well, just something I hadn't noticed before. One of my all time favorites, Lumet's 'The Verdict' was playing and I hadn't realised there was a commentary. Anyway, rather than dig out another dvd, I hit play again. Lumet spoke in detail about storytelling, shot composition, acting, editing, lighting the whole nine yards all the way through. It's by far the most educational breakdown of a movie I've ever sat through. At that stage it was pencils down, and I was riveted. When I have some free time I'll sketch out some of the shot breakdowns, just to show how he used the camera to tell the story. This is goin back to my rant about that brutal film 'Rendition' a while ago, and how directors an DP's aren't getting it currently, bar only a few shining lights. But for anyone who visits this blog with an interest in story, to watch this movie with the commentary and listen to Lumet talk about the production with the passion he had for filmmaking it is a must see!


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