Thursday, February 03, 2011

Digital Doodling

Used a pic from the BBC 'In Pictures' page as a ref. Pretty cool photo taken during the cyclone in north eastern Australia. The leaves are flying off the treetops, I added the distant structures for a bit of balance. It's inspired by the Limbolo blog that just blows me away every time there's an update.

Have a gander at these revived art-blogs from fellow Boulder workers;

Jamie Teehan
Eoghan Dalton
Pete Slattery


paul o'flanagan said...

man, that's lovely

galvinator said...

cheers paul good to know the odd head still knocks around here!

Fran Johnston said...

that's great tom

Peter Slattery said...

Awesome, Tom! And thanks for the mention!

JAKE said...

Great job. The piece made me think of limbolo before I read the caption.