Saturday, March 15, 2008

Watchin series 5 after work, thought I'd do this one. I read this guy's autobiogrphical 'Just One More Thing'. It's not really an autobiography, just a compilation of a few dozen or so short anecdotes. There was one where he'd visited an optometrist when he was younger, and explained, when the doctor asked him to read out the letters on the chart with his right eye (could be his left eye, can't remember), that the eye was glass. The doctor asked him to do his best anyway! Here's the reference for the sketch. I fiddled with bits and pieces of it, because it wasn't working in places, but it's gettin there. Best one I've done of him. Even though the expression has changed from the reference image.


Celular said...
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Moondog said...

That's deadly man, yer really startin to nail the mannerisms. My folks have the previous one up on their wall!