Sunday, March 23, 2008

Zodiac, bloody good flick, had great sequences. I just sketched out a couple of shots to illustrate.


Ciaran said...

Hey Tom, I thought the last two posts were really interesting. Can you recommend any really good books on the subject (story boarding and composition)? I was gonna buy either of these two -

Picture Composition


Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know (Jennifer Van Sijll)


galvinator said...

I'm not that up on books on the craft of it, sorry man. I flicked through the Peter Ward book in town a while ago though and it looked helpful. If you want to leave your email address I'll send you on notes I have lyin around here. They were thrown together with the cartoon, animation industry in mind, but the same conventions apply, with regard cutting, movement, and all of that.
But to see really good cinematography have a look at Celebration. The tv adaption of the Pinter play. It is entirely shot in one location, around a table in a restaraunt. But the cutting and camerawork is fantastic, and the director, can't remember his name uses the camera really well. There's a tendency with a lot of television to throw in extreme close-ups, and backs of heads; but this guy moves the actors around slightly in each shot so that we see them in profile, for staging purposes; and getting their reactions properly, rather than studying their hair. My good mate Gary Blatchford showed me a snippet of the film, to help me with my own stuff and I watched in later on from start to finish at home. But in fairness to the director, the shots are like comic book panels, in their dynamism and staging. And Gambon is great in it.

Lubbert Das said...

Yeah I agree -great movie.

I had heard you were coming to Canada old son-what happened?


galvinator said...

That Lorimer? How's it goin man? Yeah the visa was takin forever so I dropped out due to a need to get funds in, and took on a couple of jobs. You're doin alright over there. How's the kid? Haven't seen ye since the ol Dalkey days!