Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cheers for reminding me Colin, the scene in Strangers on a Train as seen in the reflection of the victim's bifocals. Great filmmaking and one shot out of a shedload from that one particular fim. I unfortunately flicked on a movie channel last night to find Van Sant's Psycho remake. What a tool! Shit film. Where did execs Universal see the merit in giving a lesser filmmaker, with inferior acting talent, the opportunity to recreate an all time classic. Soul destroying.

Anyway I got the link to this site a while ago, thanks to the John Nevarez blog, from where I sourced the screenshots, well worth checking out for filmmakers, storyboarders, whomever. Misenscene101 Enjoy!


Lubbert Das said...

Frame-Filter site is great.

Thanks for the tip..

galvinator said...

all part of the service man!

galvinator said...
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