Saturday, August 30, 2008

An homage to Hitchcock for creating one of my favourite films of all time. Dialogue, photography, story, has it all, brilliant! Forgive the brutal linework. I find drawing directly onto the computer with the tablet annoying, bringing me back to when I was eighteen in school and none of my drawings looked or turned out the way I'd hoped. I was gonna clean it up with illustrator but it'd've taken all night and I have work tomorrow. Laters..


Lubbert Das said...

That's great Tom.
I'm a huge Hitchcock devotee myself and would find it hard to pick a favorite. Like a lot of his early stuff: The Lady Vanishes,39 Steps and the like-Foreign Correspondent and Lifeboat also stand out-but I'd probably go for Vertigo.

Have you thought of moving on to the Cintiq-considering it myself.

galvinator said...

Cheers Colin and muchos gracias for the link from your blog.
Yeah as the Hitchcock flicks go 39 steps (Donat/Carroll original - not the woeful rip-offs, take shame Robert Powell and Kenneth More) is my favourite followed by Shadow of a Doubt, Cotton scared the shit out of me the first time I saw it, but I was only nine or ten at the time. Strangers on a train is up there too. Shag it you could waffle on all day about the best of them but the 39 steps had it all.
I'm thinkin about a cintiq alright, I'm just gonna wait till the taxes are paid up in November to see what I have left to play with, probably will alright though, be much handier for boarding tv shows. Good for the environment too I s'pose.

paul o'flanagan said...


Tim Dowling said...

Deadly Tom! I bought the boxset from Hitchcock a while back now but haven't seen Rear Window yet. My favourite is Lady Vanishes ,still have a good bit to watch though!

When's the next Sketching day?

Tim ;-)

Lubbert Das said...

Strangers on a Train - yeah that one shot in the murder scene really stands out: The reflection in the fallen glasses.