Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dinnertime doodling. I was listening to a Jimmy Stewart series of old radio plays durin the day while workin and hunted up a pic of Donna Reed to test the 'brushes' app on the itouch. I think I prefer the sketchbook app. Just a couple of niggly things, but the main one would be that there doesn't seem to be a way to scale up or down a layer/image (did a google trawl and went through the help menu). Like it's just a quick sketch, but when you zoom in and shit and you get lost in a detail, like an eye, and you go a bit bigger than the sketch underneath, it'd be handy to scale up and down a bit. I could have fit all her hair in then. Maybe they'll have this feature for the ipad version, but an ipad ain't on my shoppin list, cintiq and itouch is plenty. Great brushes on the app though. Anyway back to work.


Mary said...

Great drawing Tom, Donna Reed had such good bone structure. I remembering seeing her in 'The Caddy' with those two comics! I think it was in the Metropole! Long time ago!

Sarah Bowie said...

beautiful (even without all the hair!).