Friday, January 30, 2009

cintiq is here

shit this is brilliant. three hours into the storyboard pro trial and i'm flyin it! It kick's ass altogether. No more writin. But the cintiq itself is better than sex! well whatever sex is fairly good too!


Johnny Kelly said...

jaysus man it looks class!

kencoogan said...

I officially hate you.....I mean, WOW! that's great!!!

Nice one.

Tooninator said...

I was going to put the exact same thing as Ken. LOL.

Did you buy it online? I'm really workin' on getting one in the next few months as long as I can keep up these projects I've got going.

Can't wait to see what's next from you with this thing

Garrett said...

It'll change your life man! Boss, a good trick is to give Autodesk Sketchbook a go when your Storyboard Pro trial expires - you'll never use want to use anything else again!

Antoine Blandin said...

Huhu!^^ J'ai eu la chance de travailler un peu sur la même machine et faut avouer que c'est carrément jouissif!