Thursday, December 04, 2008

Therese in her raincoat WIP. Have to get back into this one and get it framed before Christmas. Laters. And cheers for all the comments, some of my older posts are still getting a few notes. Much appreciated. Photo taken with my mobi, sorry about the blurriness. Her teeth have to go in and stuff, shit I could make excuses for it for a while, I'll hold off until I have the final version to post.



Lubbert Das said...

Nice-that's pastel right? Did you get your Cintiq? I remember you mentioned a while back that you were thinking of picking one up.

galvinator said...

Nah it's oil paint. Does look pastelly there alright. Didn't go for the cintiq. I almost gave my credit card details but backed out. If things pick up soon I'll invest. Your website's great!