Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Something Old and Something Very Old

Above was one of the original designs for my Kid Columbo idea, guess I thought he should have a dog cause bein a Columbo he'd've been a snoopy git.

And this one was a gift from the legendary Art Leonardi when I worked with him back in the last decade on Stevie Stardust. He animated on the original Pink Panther movie intros. Funny thing about the guy was he carried around a pencil case with one or two black pens, and a shedload of pink ones, to keep the rest of up entertained with Pink Panther drawings. I guess it was hanging on a wall with the sun shining on it cause it's a fair bit bleached out now. Anyway nothin new so there you go. I did finish up on Simsala Grimm boarding. It had only been drips and drabs the last couple of months but finished my work on it now. So totally focused on Ballybraddan. Great fun altogether!


Eamon said...

Must have been great to work with him. And he must have had a lot of fun, I bet, being involved with the Pink Panther.

galvinator said...

absolute legend man! he animated a real hair for the premiere to see if people would get up to complain to the projectionist, then all of a sudden the pink panther grabs it and flicks it offscreen, much to those standings embarrasment. Great artist and all round good guy.