Monday, July 09, 2007

Greetings again,

I've been looking at this one on and off the last couple of days, and I figure it needed a colour change. The poultry truck one is a lot stronger, colour-wise, so I readjusted the colours, with better, or stronger bolder colours. The knocked back oranges were a bit of a cop out, anyway i'm much happier with it now, and that i'm spotting crap before there's too much to deal with further on down the line.


Alina Chau said...

AWESOME background!

Brandon said...

Nice work!I think your choice was good to make the color shift.

Gillian Comerford said...

Hey Tom. I thought you might like this guys stuff....You have more than likely seen his work already on the Character Design blog. If not have a gander. It pretty cool.