Sunday, May 20, 2007

Greetings again,

I am gonna make it my mission to keep this blog updated. Been very lax the last couple of months, and even tonight I've so much work to do that I shouldn't even be tooling around on anything else seein as my time management skills are defunct. Anyways my little niece Therese has a fair grasp of a lot of words, elephant comes out 'ezephance', Padraig Harrington won the Irish Open today and Padraig comes out 'Podgegick' so whatever here's an 'ezephance'. I was thinkin of puttin a few together for her for the bedroom, and unlike the friendly shark I previously posted, this one has the more suitable beginings for a poster!

Laters, and sorry neglectin ya Mary but since the big day I've just been swamped.