Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here are a few sketchbook doodles. And after the tremendous Ryder Cup European victory, I've included the ruff sketch I did up before begining painting the Paul McGinley portrait.


flipstudios said...

Beautiful work here. Your golf poses are very solid and I love that lion. What's it from?


galvinator said...

I'm a wannabe golfer, h'cap 17, so I've seen and been in all kinds of awkward positions on the course, hence a cou[ple of more aspirational upright golf poses. The lion was for my sister's nursery, along with a couple of other kiddy kind of things. Cheers for the comment, I've been to your spot aswell really nice work man.

Garrett said...

Dude the Lion bears an uncanny resemblance to your good self.