Monday, May 18, 2009

Recent sketch outings from the last week. Cheers for all the comments on the 'Lost' post, really appreciate them.

-edit- the weird one on top of the skeletal volleyball player was sketched at the Bodies exhibition, currently in Dublin. The figure has been plasticised and the shoulder blades and muscles were pulled out. In case people thought I was entering a psychotic phase!


joonasjoonas said...

first one is a little creepy! but great sketches !

Daniel Xiao said...

hey thanks for stopping by. awesome blog here!

SuzanneLindfield said...

Beautiful sketches, them folks really have "weight".

Tel Coelho said...

Hi Tom!!!
I really like your job!!
those are amazing!!

Joe Kilbride said...

Hey Tom. Glad to see that you're still drawing away. Nice stuff! We must catch up soon.
P.S. The volleyball pic is obviously a self-portrait. ;)